RedLines – a subsidiary of Digital Engineering Ltd – is dedicated to delivering world-class climate change data, risk assessments, adaptation consultancy, and more. These services are designed to provide businesses with data and analysis of how climatic change will affect their infrastructure, facilities and other assets.

This insight is increasingly necessary for businesses across a wide variety of industries. This is because, despite the efforts of organisations that are eager to meet net zero targets, climate change remains a prominent reality.

It is changing our world and it will have effects on individuals, communities and many businesses globally.

As the effects of climate change continue to impact our planet, there is an urgent need for reliable climate change analytics and forecasting. Therefore the information that RedLines provides can significantly help organisations understand what challenges they face so they can adapt to survive.

How RedLines Can Help Organisations

RedLines’ insights provide many benefits to organisations, a few are:

  • Hidden opportunities – RedLines help organisations identify opportunities brought on by climate change, helping them discover innovative solutions for future success.
  • Assess climate change risks – RedLines help expose the vulnerabilities that climate change may affect so that businesses can more effectively mitigate those risks
  • Data-driven adaptation strategies – RedLines provide expert data to help bolster organisations’ resilience to climate change’s effects and map-put a sustainable strategy for future success and growth

What Industries Will Be Most Impacted by Climate Change?

Climate change has impacted all industries either directly or indirectly and will continue to impact every business in the future. Therefore, every organisation will benefit from the in-depth insights that RedLines provides.

RedLines believes that the businesses that will be significantly challenged are those that sit within the agriculture, transport, insurance, beverages, fish, leisure, finance, energy and other sectors.

With RedLines’ comprehensive climate adaptation service offering, they are able to assist all organisations in adapting to climate change. RedLines’ main service offering includes:

  • Climate Change Risk & Vulnerability Assessments: Our climate change risk and vulnerability assessments provide businesses with comprehensive insights into the potential risks and opportunities associated with climate change.
  • Future Climate Data: We empower businesses with precise future climate data, enabling them to enhance resilience and adapt to changing environmental conditions.
  • Consultancy & Resilience Implementation: Our consultancy services offer expert guidance in implementing resilience strategies tailored to your business.

“We are delighted to share the launch of RedLines,” said D.E Group Director, Rob Sunderland. Rob continues to say: “We anticipate that RedLines will prove to be a valuable partner in helping organisations overcome potential climate-related risks to their business. I can confidently say that any business that utilises RedLines’ data analysis will benefit greatly and have an edge over their competitors.”

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